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How to merge these two accounts into one account?

Currently I have one personal email account and another university account. How can I merge these two accounts into one account?

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Hi Pau,

Andrew here from Publons, thanks for your message.  If you go to your account settings and click on "Delete Account" > "Duplicate Account" in either/both of your accounts we will begin the process of merging them.  Since you've already reached out I can merge the accounts for you if you let me know which profile you would prefer to keep: or

Andrew Harrison

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Hi Andrew,

Many thanks for your reply. Please help to merge both accounts for me. 

After merging, I should able to log-in using my personal email ( right?

I'm afraid we've *just* changed our policy for merging accounts.   In general my previous response is still accurate and you should pursue the workflow from your account settings I described there.  In your case since you've already been in touch I will follow up via email.



May be I have 2 account in publons.  Help me to merge in because I will lost my records of reviewer.

Thank you very much.


paul B Timotiwu

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