Web of Science ResearcherIDs

Your Web of Science ResearcherID is a unique identifier for researchers on Web of Science and InCites.

This unique identifier aims at solving the problem of author identification and correct attribution of works. In scientific and academic literature, it is common to cite name, surname, and initials of the authors of an article. Sometimes, however, there are authors with the same name, with the same initials, or the journal misspells names, resulting in several spellings for the same authors, and different authors with the same spelling. 

Researchers can use their Web of Science ResearcherID to claim their published works and link their unique and persistent ResearcherID number to these works for correct attribution. In this way, they can also keep their publication list up to date and online. 

Your personal Web of Science ResearcherID can be found on your profile. All the publications you add to your Web of Science Researcher Profile will be linked to your Web of Science ResearcherID, meaning someone can use that ResearcherID to find your works in Web of Science and InCites.

Updates to your publications, for example if you have added or removed a publication from your profile, are processed within 3 days. InCites data is updated once a month, so expect a short delay before your publications are linked to your Web of Science ResearcherID in InCites searches.