We have courses on the Web of Science Academy that teaches you how to peer review manuscripts for journals. However, if you'd like some practical experience of co-reviewing with a mentor you can use the channels we have on the platform. You can either invite your own PhD supervisor, postdoc advisor, or a senior colleague to be your mentor, or you can find a community mentor in the 'Community peer review mentors' channel. 

You can review 'real' unpublished manuscripts with your mentor, or practice on a preprint or published manuscript. To co-review using our platform you need to write a review and submit it to a mentor. Your mentor will then provide feedback on how you can improve your review, and either ask that you revise it or approve it as is. Once your review is approved it will be published in the channel your mentor is assigned to. If it is rejected you need to update your review and share it as a new file with your mentor again.

If you are reviewing unpublished manuscripts for a journal then your mentor should not approve your final review or the review will be published in the channel they are assigned to. If this happens then you can always hide or delete the review by clicking the three grey dots at the bottom right of your review. 

  • If you have your own mentor then simply add their name to your review form (so they know it was meant for them) and ask that they register on the platform. They will need to fill out the 'Peer review mentors' form and get assigned a channel. You then share your review with them by clicking 'share content' and searching for their name under who to share it with. 

  • If you do not have someone to mentor you, then you can submit your review to a channel with tags that denote the keywords of the article, and wait for a community mentor to volunteer to help you.