Within the Web of Science Academy we have courses and channels where early career researchers can learn to peer review manuscripts for academic journals.

Learners can share their review with their own mentor, or if they do not have someone to help them, they can try and find someone from the Web of Science Academy community to help them.

Community mentors are assigned to the 'Community peer review mentors' channel. Learners can then share their reviews there, and mentors can look for reviews with tags in their research area. Mentors provide feedback on how the reviews can be improved.  

To sign up to become a Web of Science Academy community mentor, simply register on the Web of Science Academy platform and fill out the form linked to from the bottom of the home page called 'Peer review mentors' and tick 'volunteer to mentor others'. 

We also have a course called 'Mentoring in peer review' if you'd like some tips on providing constructive feedback. The course also allows you to download a form you can use to provide feedback when you co-review with your mentees.