Via your Web of Science Settings, you can access your Account Settings where you can update your name oemail addresses and change your password and access your Communications Settings where you can choose which emails you receive from us. If you have Web of Science entitlements you can also view your General Web of Science settings here too. 


Finding your Settings

To get to your Settings page please click on the account menu by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.  

General Settings

These settings allow you to select a preferred language and search and results settings that will be automatically set each time you sign in. Some of these settings are dependent on a Web of Science subscription.

Account Settings

Your Account Settings allow you to add or change your personal information such as your name, manage your emails and change your password. There are five tabs, Personal, Email, Password, Connected accounts and Delete account. 



Please view this in depth guide for more information about your Account Settings.

Homepage Settings

With your Homepage Settings you can select what you see on the homepage of your account.  

The options are: 

Communication Settings

With your Communication Settings you can decide what type of emails we send to you. Every week we will send you a summary of the notifications that have been created for you on profile to your primary email address which you can set or change via your Account Settings.  

This email can be turned off along with any other “Reminder” emails by deselecting the “Email me with reminders and tips on how to use my profile” option in your Communication Settings. 

The various options are: