The Web of Science Academy platform contains courses on how to peer review, as well as a course called 'Co-review with a mentor'. You can encourage your junior colleagues to sign up and learn how to peer review, and then co-review a manuscript, preprint, or published paper together on the Web of Science Academy platform.

There are five community peer review channels divided into major research fields: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Arts & Humanities. These are for students without their own mentor, who can upload their reviews in one of these channels and get feedback from community mentors.  

Mentors can choose to complete the 'Mentoring in peer review' course if they wish to get some tips on providing constructive feedback, and get a form they can use to provide feedback on their mentee's reviews. Completing this course also gives you an Academy mentor badge on your Publons profile. You can share your feedback form by using the 'Share content' feature and searching for your student/mentee's name. 

The 'New content shared with you' channel will show all new content shared with you, and there will be platform notifications and emails also to notify you when someone has shared their review with you. 

Step by step process of how co-reviewing on the platform works:

  1. Mentors need to register on the Web of Science Academy platform 
  2. A manuscript or paper is chosen to review (mentee can choose or you can suggest or share a manuscript/paper also via email)
  3. When your mentee has written their review they can put your name on the form under mentor and share it with you by searching for your name in the search box provided
  4. You will get notified and can see their reviews in the 'New content shared with you' channel
  5. You can provide feedback on their review in the comment box provided

If you are co-reviewing unpublished manuscripts for a journal then remember to ask permission from the editor to co-review for training purposes and these reviews should be shared with people privately only not in a public channel. If this happens the review can be hidden or deleted.