Web of Science Researcher Profile is the only profile where you can track your publicationscitation metricshandling editor work, and peer reviews for journals, conferences, and funders in one place.


It’s quick and easy to maintain, can be exported for use as evidence of your research outputs in various applications, and provides valuable insights into your publication and review history. 

To learn more about the different features please check out these articles:

Different views of the Web of Science Researcher Profile

Web of Science Researcher Profiles provide an overview of a researcher’s scholarly works, including publications in the Core Collection, publications outside of the Core Collection, peer reviews, grant reviews, and editorial work and board memberships.

The features and content visible to you in the profile depend on your level of entitlement to the Web of Science Core Collection.

Unregistered access

If you do not have entitlements to the Web of Science then you can view a free version of a researcher’s profile.

This includes:

Registered access (without subscription to Web of Science Core Collection)

Registering for a Web of Science account provides additional profile features:

  • Create your own Web of Science Researcher Profile.
  • Use Researcher Search to discover other profiles.
  • View other researcher’s full publication lists.

Web of Science Core Collection subscriber

Users with entitlements to the Core Collection will see a full version of the researcher profiles. The features available in addition to those above are:

  • Use Researcher Search to search across all profiles plus Author Records, covering all of the Core Collection back to 1900.
  • Co-author network.
  • Author position analysis.
  • Citation Report.
  • Profile export (for your own profile).
  • Web of Science Author Impact Beamplots.
  • Geographic citation map.