Note: Publons profiles were migrated to Web of Science Researcher Profiles. If you are the previous owner of a Publons profile please log in to the Web of Science with your previous Publons credentials to access your existing profile data. 


How to create your Web of Science Researcher Profile 

To create your Web of Science Researcher Profile please first navigate to and from there you can click to either sign in or register. 


Sign in if you have existing Web of Science access, but if you do not have a Web of Science account, please register for one from this page. You can register with your personal or institutional email address. 

Alternatively, you can click on "CREATE" from the side navigation and then follow the prompts. 


Password requirements

Passwords must meet the following requirements:   

  • Be at least 8 characters and no longer than 95 characters  
  • Contain at least 1 letter  
  • Contain at least 1 number  
  • Cannot have leading or trailing spaces  
  • Contain at least one special character from the following: (!@#$%^*()~`{}[]|\&_)  


Once registered, if you are on an entitled IP range a profile will automatically be created for you but if you are on an entitled IP range and you want to create a profile, please click “CREATE” in the side bar. 

How to log into your Web of Science Researcher Profile 

Please first navigate to and click to sign in. There are two ways to login to your Web of Science researcher profile:  

  • Email/password: You can use any email you have verified in conjunction with the password you created during registration or use to login to other Clarivate tools 
  • Linked accounts: You can use any connected account (Facebook, ORCID, LinkedIn, Google) to login to your Web of Science Researcher Profile. You will need to first connect these while logged into your account via your Account Settings.  



1. ORCID Login: If you originally created your profile via ORCID registration you will need to add an email address and password to your account before you can login to your account. Please view this article for more information about this. 


2. If you have any trouble with either registering or logging into your account, please first check the trouble shooting methods listed here and if problems persist, please submit a support ticket here and we will be in touch to assist shortly. 

If you are having difficulty with logging in please view this article: Troubleshooting Login Issues