Viewing and Understanding your Web of Science Researcher Profile 

Your Web of Science Researcher Profile is the public facing element of your Web of Science account where other members of the community can see the publications, verified peer reviews, verified editor records, current editorial board memberships and metrics that make up your verified record of contributions to research. 

Your profile is broken into four distinct sections which you can read more about below or by using these quick links: 

To view your researcher profile please use one of the following methods:


  1. On the side navigation panel click on the ‘person icon’

  2. Click on the side navigation panel "Menu", then click on ‘Profile’ and ‘My researcher profile’

What is my profile card? 

Your profile card is shown at the top of your profile and gives an overview of you, and the content associated with you on Web of Science. Fields in the profile card include: 

  • Profile photo. This can be added via your Profile Settings. If you do not wish to add a profile picture your initials will be displayed.

  • Name. This name may include a first, middle and last name. We will use this name to match you to your publications in Web of Science if you have no matches via your email addresses. This can be changed in your Profile Settings. 

  • Badges. The badges available to be displayed on your profile are:
    • “Highly Cited” indicates that you are a Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher Award winner. 
    • “Top peer reviewer” indicates that you have received at least one of the Publons Peer Review Awards. 
    • "Excellent reviewer" indicates that at least one of your reviews has been rated Excellent by your editor. If you have multiple Excellent reviews the number of these will also be displayed here. 
    • Web of Science Academy” badge may indicate that you have graduated, are a mentor or both. 

  • Published names. The published names we have on record for you. They are the names as they appear in the metadata of your publications.  You can elect to hide these when editing your Profile Settings. 

  • Web of Science ResearcherID: Your unique identifier that connects you as an author to your work in the Web of Science ecosystem. 
  • Primary organization. Your current primary institution, this can be edited from your profile settings

  • Organizations: A list of organizations derived from the publications on your profile
  • Awards: If you are a Highly Cited Researcher or have received an award during the Publons Peer Review Awards these will be listed here. You may download certificates for these by clicking on the ‘download’ button. 

  • Other Identifiers: Other identifiers you have linked to your profile eg your ORCID.


What is the metrics panel? 

On the right-hand side of your Web of Science researcher profile, you will see a metrics sidebar once you have populated your profile by adding some publicationsreviews or editor records. These metrics include: 

  • Publication Metrics.
  • Peer Review Metrics. 
  • Author Impact Beamplot Summary. 
  • Author position and author network. 

You may click on the “dashboard” button in order to view your full metrics. To view more in-depth information regarding your profile metrics please navigate here.


Publication records tab 

Once you have added publication records to your profile, they will be displayed in full in the Publications section of your profile. Publications are sorted by most recent publication date. 

By default, only those publications which are indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection will be displayed. To include other publications which are not indexed please check the box labelled “Include publications not indexed in Core Collection.” 

Please note that even researchers who have no Core Collection publications will need to check this box to view their publications. 



For each publication we will display as much of the following information as we have available: 

  • Title 
  • Journal of publication 
  • Authors 
  • Publication date 
  • Web of Science indexed 
  • Web of Science citation count 

Sometimes we will not be able to automatically pull in a citation count from of Science. If you believe that one of your publications is indexed and cited in Web of Science but are not seeing a citation count alongside it on your profile, please 
get in touch

You may click on the “manage” button in order to get to your Publication records page where you can add new publications or edit or delete the ones you have already added. To view more in-depth information regarding your publication records please navigate here.


Peer review tab 

The peer review tab of your profile is comprised of six sections which are displayed only if you have content for those sections associated with your account. These include: 

  • Verified peer reviews
    • Shows the journals for which you have added verified publisher-invited reviews and the number of verified publisher-invited reviews you have added for those journals.
  • Verified editor records
    •  Indicates the number of papers you have handled as editor per journal and have added the details of to your profile. 
  •  Editorial board memberships 
    • Broken into two categories, “Current” and “Past” memberships. Memberships that have been verified by the journal are marked with a green check. 
  • Verified grant reviews 
    • Shows the funding bodies you have reviewed grant proposals for.  
  • Open publisher-invited reviews: 
    • A list of any signed and published publisher-invited reviews you have added to your profile. Reviews will show in this list whether they are verified or not.  
  • Open community reviews:  
    • A list of any published community reviews you have added to your profile.