You can receive recognition for your editorial contributions by adding verified editor records of the manuscripts you handle to your Web of Science researcher profile. 

An editor record in Web of Science is a record of your contributions to the peer review process as an editor. This means that you recruited reviewers and managed their comments for the paper and were involved in the decision of whether to publish it. 

If your work is eligible for editor recognition in Web of Science, you are likely to be listed on the journal's website as a contributing editor.  

Web of Science researcher profile currently only supports editor records for manuscripts submitted to journals and conferences. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept editor records for patents, essays, books, or other types of editorial records not conducted for journals or conferences. 

We do hope to provide support for more types of editorial records in the future. We do not verify non-management editorial activity such as language, method and statistical editors.  

If you are the author of an “editorial” article you should add this as a publication, not an editor record. 

Please learn how to add your editor records here.

Please note:  

  • Administrators of partnered journals can see the editor records you add for their journal and can disavow them if they are fraudulent. 
  • We add editorial records on a per manuscript basis. This means that we do not add separate editor records for every round of revision for the same manuscript.