Sometimes researchers work on reviews together and on Web of Science researcher profiles we provide a method for both reviewers to get recognition for their work!  

To do this please first add your review record to your profile. You can then invite your collaborator via the ‘Actions’ tab of your review’s ‘edit’ page. 

Copy the generated link and then send that to your collaborator to invite them to add this review to their profile too! 

To verify a collaborative review the person who was the journal's point of contact during the reviewing process should forward the review receipt to 

The review owner can copy the collaborate URL and send it to the reviewers they worked with. Those reviewers will then be able to follow the link to "claim" the review and end up with a copy of it in their review history.  The review owner maintains control over the review's display preferences, content, and the status of any review collaborators.  

Please note: while some journals acknowledge the possibility of collaborating on reviews without explicit consent, many would consider this a violation of their terms and conditions. As such, we suggest that you request permission from a journal before sharing a manuscript with any potential collaborators.