We have recently made some changes in the review verification process via reviews@webofscience.com to avoid creating duplicate review records. 

When you send a review receipt to reviews@webofscience.com for a journal that has an integration with Web of Science, we will skip the verification of this review using the review receipt because the review will be added automatically via the integration process.

To ensure your review is added to your profile automatically, please ensure you opt in for Publons recognition when submitting your review to the journal. Please also ensure you have enabled auto-add by navigating to the Peer Review Preferences Tab of your Profile Settings and ticking the box "Automatically add reviews from Publons' partners."

Please view this article to learn how to navigate to your profile settings: Accessing your Profile Settings

Most journals send your reviews to us once you have completed and submitted your review to the journal. Some send us reviews after the manuscript has been published. This means it can take a while for your review to be added via integration. If the manuscript is not published, you should still see the review added to your profile within 30 days after the editorial decision has been made.

If you opted out when submitting your review to the journal then please forward your review receipt to reviews@webofscience.com and leave a note in your email that requests the integrated journal review to be manually processed because you have previously opted out.

Your receipt will then be processed manually by the team, but we request that you please in future opt-in to the integration when submitting your reviews to journals so that your profile can be automatically populated with your review.