To edit or delete one of your peer review records please first navigate to your Peer review records page.

You can get to this page from your profile by first clicking on the ‘PEER REVIEW’ tab and then the ‘MANAGE’ button.   


You can also navigate to this page via the sidebar navigation: click on Profile > My Records > Peer Reviews 

From here you will find your publisher-invited and community reviews listed under the “PEER REVIEW” tab and your grant reviews under the “GRANT REVIEW” tab. 

If you have a lot of records, please feel free to use the quick filters to refine your results. 


If you wish to edit a review, please click on the ‘edit’ button on the relevant record. Here you will be able to add any missing article details, add your review content and alter your display settings. 


If you wish to delete, then please click on the ‘delete’ button and then confirm your request.