Editorial board memberships on Web of Science Researcher Profile 


Web of Science Researcher Profile offers you the option to display your editorial board memberships on your profile. Editorial board membership is understood and managed differently between journals and may extend from those who review often for a journal up to the Editor in Chief. They are generally publicly recognized on a journal's website.  


If you had editorial board memberships on Publons these have been carried across to your Web of Science researcher profile and can be viewed on the peer review tab of your profile. You may also now add new editorial board memberships to your profile and edit or delete these. 


Partnered journals can verify or disavow your claim to editorial board membership from their partner dashboard. 


How do I view and add my editorial board memberships? 


To view your editorial board memberships and to add new ones follow these instructions: 

  • Click on the left-hand menu button 
  • Now click on “Profile” 
  • From there please click on “Editorial Board Memberships” 


This will bring you to the page where you can see and edit any existing memberships and add new ones.  


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Those contributions marked as current will be displayed on your profile. You're free to add past affiliations as well, simply don't mark them as current.  If you have incorrectly marked a membership as a past affiliation you can set this by clicking on the current button for the relevant journal.  


To add a new editorial board membership please simply click on the “+Add membership” button then search for the journal, select if the membership is current or not then press to save.  


If your journal is not found in our list please contact us with the journal title, URL and ISSN and any other relevant information and we'll add it for you.  


Note: Editorial board memberships for non-partnered journals are not verified on Web of Science Researcher Profile but partnered journals can verify your board membership and reserve the right to remove editorial contributions they believe to be incorrect. When a partner journal has verified your board membership it will be displayed on your profile with a green tick.