What is Web of Science Reviewer Locator?

Web of Science Reviewer Locator is a tool that helps scholarly journal editors to find, screen, and connect with the subject matter experts needed to peer review manuscript submissions. 

Who is Web of Science Reviewer Locator for?

Web of Science Reviewer Locator is primarily for scholarly journal editors looking for peer reviewers. Soon to be released is a version of the tool designed specifically for research funders to find experts needed to review research grant applications and to build review panels and expert committees.  

How does Web of Science Reviewer Locator work?


Web of Science Reviewer Locator solves three problems: Finding peer review candidates, screening candidates’ fitness-for-purpose, and reliably connecting with preferred candidates. Here’s how each of these steps work:

Find - Powerful and accurate search

Our powerful proprietary algorithm trawls the carefully curated Web of Science publication and citation index, and Publons' exclusive cross-publisher peer review database to return a ranked list of up to 30 potential reviewers, matched to your search inputs, from over 7-million authors. 

Screen - 360° view of review candidates

Web of Science Reviewer Locator surfaces more of the information needed to screen peer review candidates. Simply click on a suggested reviewer to reveal a rich 360° profile, including: publication, peer review, and editorial history, flags for potential conflicts of interest, biographic information, keywords, institutional affiliations, and links to external sources. 

Connect - Reliably contact prospective reviewers 

Web of Science Reviewer Locator provides a researcher’s latest contact email address from Web of Science, as well as one-click access to trusted sources for contact information, including:

  • Institutional profiles

  • Most recently published papers

How is Web of Science Reviewer Locator different from other reviewer search tools?

Web of Science Reviewer Locator is the only reviewer search tool that uses cross-publisher peer review and publication data from trusted sources (Web of Science and Publons) to quickly provide precise reviewer suggestions, a 360° profile of candidates, and contact information. 

Web of Science Reviewer Locator is also universally accessible and simple to use. Choose from the standalone user interface, integrating suggestions into your bespoke workflow via our API, or make use of integrations with existing peer review submission systems.  

This full stack solution will help you to reliably find, screen and connect with the right peer reviewers to help your journals succeed.

How can I access Web of Science Reviewer Locator? 

Web of Science Reviewer Locator is available as a standalone product from publons.com, via our API or from within existing peer review management tools, such as Editorial Manager and ScholarOne. 

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