Free access:

You do not need to register nor have Web of Science entitlements to be able to view a ‘free’ version of a researcher’s profile. 

This includes:

  • Researcher information (profile picture, name, institution, awards).
  • Web of Science Researcher ID.
  • 10 most recent publications (including those indexed or not indexed in the Core Collection. 
  • Peer reviews, grant reviews, editorial board memberships. 
  • Publication metrics (h-index, citing articles count, sum of times cited, peer review count). 
  • Publication and peer review charts .

 This excludes: 

  • Access to Web of Science Researcher Search or Document Search. 
  • Access to Citing Articles lists.
  • Access to Citation report. 
  • Metrics such as: Author Impact Beamplot, Geographic Citation Map, Co-author list, and Author Position analysis .

Registered access (without subscription to Web of Science Core Collection) 


Researchers can sign up to a Web of Science account without a content subscription. In addition to the free features, this gives users: 


  • The ability to create their own Web of Science Researcher Profile. 
  • View of your own Beamplot and Geographic Citation Map 
  • The ability to search for Researcher Profiles using Researcher Search.  
  • Full publication lists. 

This excludes: 

  • Access to Document Search.
  • Access to unclaimed Author Records.   
  • Access to Citation Report and Citing Articles lists. 


Web of Science Core Collection subscriber


Users with entitlements to the Core Collection will see a 'full' version of the researcher profiles. The features available in addition to those above are: 

  • Researcher Search includes Profiles plus Author Records, covering all of all of the Core Collection back to 1900. 
  • Co-author network 
  • Author position analysis 
  • Citation report 
  • Profile export (own profile) 
  • Web of Science Author Impact Beamplots