About your Profile Settings

This tab provides options for you to set your display preferences for your publisher invited peer reviews, the peer reviews of manuscripts you have authored and your grant reviews. You may also view a list of journals which you have indicated interest in reviewing for, set your availability for peer review invites and turn on the automatic addition of reviews from partnered journals and funders.  

Note: Any changes you make on this page will not be reflected on your profile until you click the “Save Changes” button at the foot of the page.

To learn how to access your settings please view this article: Accessing Profile Settings

Publisher-invited peer review display preferences

Your reviewer preference 

Here you can choose the display settings for new reviews added to your profile or assign new settings for all your reviews in bulk.  

We have developed a comprehensive range of options to make sure you can track and verify all your review efforts without ever infringing on journal policies or compromising reviewer anonymity. Please note that the settings you select can also be impacted by a journal’s privacy preferences. Please learn more about this here. 

We call these attributes your “publisher-invited peer review display preferences” and split them into two categories:


  • Do not show this review on my profile.
    • You will never be publicly linked to the journal, publisher, or publication. Your review will not be included in any of the counts on your profile.
  • Show publisher only.
    • Only display the publisher's name on your profile. You will never be publicly linked to the journal or publication.
  • Show journal/conference.
    • Only display the journal's name on your profile. You will never be publicly linked to the publication.
  • Show journal/conference & article title.
    • Display a link to the publication on your profile. The publication will show you as a reviewer if you made the content of your review publicly available.


Your content setting determines whether review content is publicly displayed on publication detail pages. The options are: 

  • Hide review content  
    • The content of your review will never be publicly displayed.  
  • Display review content  
    • The content of your review will be displayed on publication detail pages 



When you sign up, your default review display preferences are configured as:  

  • Privacy: 
    • Show journal/conference  
  • Content: 
    • Hide review content 


If you choose to change your default settings all future publisher-invited reviews will be added to your profile with these preferences. You can also apply these new preferences to all existing publisher-invited reviews by toggling on the “Apply to all existing publisher-invited reviews” option.  

These preferences can also be set on a per-review basis on the "edit” page of your individual reviews.

 Your author preference 

Here you can choose the display settings for reviews of publications which you have authored. As an author, you have the option to permit or prohibit reviewers from publishing the content of their reviews of your manuscripts. Your preference is always consulted before we display a review publicly.  

Select your preference between: 

  • Allow (let reviewers publish their work) and  
  • Disallow (do not let reviewers publish their work).  

If you wish to update the preferences across all your manuscripts at once, please toggle on the “Apply to existing publications” option. 

Any new publications added to your profile will have this default preference set when it is created. 

Grant review display preferences

Here you may choose whether to show grant reviews on your profile or not. 

The options are:  

  • Show grant reviews 
  • Do not show grant reviews 

Simply select the setting you want and then do not forget to press ‘save changes’ at the bottom of the page.

Reviewer Interest

This page shows you journals you are interested in reviewing for. Indicating your interest in reviewing can help journals looking for new reviewers to add to their reviewer pool. Editors from partnered journals can see who is interested in reviewing for them and send invitations via Web of Science Researcher Profile. 

A green tick in the "Share email" column indicates that you have given consent for us to share your email address with a journal.  If you would like to share your email address with a journal for whom you have not granted this consent, please bear with us as we build the ability to change this. 

If you are no longer interested in reviewing for a listed journal you may remove it by clicking ‘Delete’ and then confirming your deletion request.  

Peer Review Availability

The availability option relates to your presence in Web of Science Reviewer Locator, our reviewer search tool.   

You can set yourself to be: 

  • I am available to review
    • Meaning journals will be able to invite you to perform reviews 
  • I am not available to review 
    • Which means that we will not provide a way for journals using the tool to contact you with peer review invitations 
  • I am unavailable to review between (and then add date) 
    • If you are in a particularly busy period, you can set your unavailability to expire at a certain time using the Start and End date fields.  

Peer reviews from partners

Web of Science researcher profile partners with journals and funders to simplify the process of getting recognition for your reviews. These can be automatically added to your profile and we also periodically (and securely) check for past review records with participating journals and publishers.  

Whenever one of our partners provides us with review records, we can match these to the email addresses associated with your account and automatically add the review data to your profile for you. You can add any email address which you have used to perform reviews with via your Account settings

If it is not already enabled, you can turn on "Automatically add reviews completed for partnered journals and funders" to have any future reviews for partnered journals automatically added to your account. This setting also allows us to batch upload past reviews for those journals to your profile when such uploads occur.