Currently known technical issues on the Web of Science Academy - last updated Feb 24th 2022

  • Course progress is not saved even after clicking 'EXIT COURSE' and 'Close x' in the top right hand corner of the course player - looking into this but in the meantime please try:
    • using a different browser (seems to be mostly an issue with Internet Explorer and Safari browsers)
    • adding and to the white list of your firewall and any ad-blocking plugins you may be using in your browser extensions
    • disabling tracking protection in your browser and enable cookies
    • not leaving your browser open for too long causing it to time out
    • email if you have completed a course but the system wont recognize it as complete even after trying the above suggestions

  • 'Ask the experts' and the review 'Comment' feature is not currently working - fixed (Nov 2021)
    • In the meantime, mentor feedback can be given in a word document or a filled out Mentor feedback form and shared with your student/mentee by using the 'share a file' feature from the Home page (see screenshot below)