Accepted Review Types

 The peer review types which can be added to your Web of Science researcher profile are: 

What are publisher-invited reviews? 

Publisher-invited reviews are those commissioned by a journal or conference during a manuscript’s path to publication (or not).  

Currently, we can only process reviews of full-length manuscripts submitted to: 

  • Journals 
  • Conferences 
  • Book series* 

This includes reviews conducted post-publication if commissioned by journals/conferences.  

Please note that this does not include reviews of conference abstracts.

* The review must be performed for a book series. Reviews for a book/chapter that's not part of a series/periodical will not be accepted. 

Please learn how to add your publisher-invited reviews here.

What are Community Reviews? 


Community Reviews are those written about articles that you have read and wish to share your thoughts on. These are self-motivated reviews rather than those commissioned by journals.  

You are free to add community reviews you have written on other platforms if you own the copyright. 


Please learn how to add your community reviews here.

What are Grant Reviews? 


Every year, governments and organizations spend billions of dollars funding research. Researchers and subject matter experts play a critical role in helping these organizations decide which research they should fund by reviewing research grant applications. Reviewing research grant applications is both an indicator of one’s expertise and standing in their field, and an important contribution to the wider research community that deserves recognition.  

If you have reviewed grant applications for a funding organization partnered with Web of Science, you can add a verified record of this work to your profile as evidence of your expert contributions helping funders determine which research they should fund. 

Please learn how to add your grant reviews here.