Reviews performed for partnered funders can be added to your profile. Shortly after the funding round which you reviewed for; you will be contacted by us on behalf of the funder via email.   

If you would like to have your review added to your profile, simply follow the link in the confirmation email we send you.  If you are not already using Web of Science Researcher Profile, you will be asked to register, and the review record will be added to your profile subject to the funder's privacy policy.  

If you would like these to be added to your profile automatically simply ensure that the “Automatically add reviews completed for partnered journals and funders" setting is turned on. You can do this via the ‘Peer review preferences’ tab of your profile settings. 

Reviews performed for non-partnered funders

You cannot currently add grant reviews for non-partnered funders to your Web of Science researcher profile.  You can however let us know that you have reviewed for those funders and that you would like to receive recognition for that work on the Web of Science. We can convey that information to funders to encourage them to submit your review information to the platform. 

You can use the ‘Request Recognition from a Funder’ button on your Grant Reviews page or from the Sidebar Navigation by clicking Grant Reviews +Add.  


Please then enter the funder’s name and the year you performed the grant review. Next please select which type of grant review you performed for the funder and then please click on the “Request recognition” button. We will then contact funders on your behalf to request that they add these reviews to your profile when an integration becomes available. 

What is the difference between a panel grant review and an individual review? 

Grant panel review (i.e. the reviewing of multiple grant applications) 

 A funder brings together a range of experts across a discipline to review multiple grant applications. These experts will evaluate each grant application in turn and decide on funding across multiple applications. These experts may be appointed to a specific funding round or for a period.  

 In addition to reviewing multiple proposals, a grant panel review involves discussion between other panel members to leverage the expertise of the whole panel. These discussions can take place in person, or via teleconference. 


Individual grant review (i.e. the review of a specific grant application)  

A funder commissions experts (usually 2 to 3) in the relevant field to provide a detailed review for a specific grant application or proposal.