Citations on Web of Science Researcher Profiles

Citation counts shown on your researcher profile are from the Web of Science Core Collection, 21,000 journals hand-selected and re-evaluated by expert editors. These citation counts are displayed per-publication and used for derivative metrics such as h-index and Sum of Times Cited.  

We do this because we know that every citation that we count is from a journal that has been vetted by expert editors as meeting the quality standards required to be indexed in the Web of Science. 

This means the citation counts on your profile may be lower than e.g., Google Scholar but that the source of those citations are known and vetted.  This does not mean that uncounted citations are all illegitimate, but it does mean you can be sure that no illegitimate citations are ever counted. 

You will see these citations in the following places:   

  • Alongside your publications on your public profile   
  • In Web of Science document search (available to entitled users only) 
  • On full record pages (e.g.   
  • Alongside the publications you’ve reviewed in your review history 
  • Alongside your publications in your publication history  
  • Alongside the publications you’ve handled as editor in your editor record history 

Papers that cannot be found in the Web of Science Core Collection will display “Not indexed” instead of a citation count. 


A citation count of '0' indicates that we have found that paper in Web of Science but that there are no citations recorded for it there.