What services does Web of Science offer to Partners?

Web of Science offers partner services that help publishers and journals to acknowledge the efforts of their reviewers and find, screen, and connect with the subject matter experts needed to peer review manuscript submissions.

We have two paid-for products:

  • Reviewer Recognition Service: Web of Science integrates into the reviewer workflow so academics can track and verify every review and editorial contribution on-the-fly, and in full compliance with journal review policies. We integrate seamlessly with all submission systems to automate the process of recognizing your reviewers.

  • Web of Science Reviewer Locator a great new search tool to help you quickly find the best reviewers, combining the power of Web of Science researcher profile's exclusive peer review database with the unparalleled Web of Science author and citation index.

You can get in touch using the 'contact' buttons on the above linked pages to express your interest in these services or to request more information.

The Partner Dashboard 

The partner dashboard is a private area on Web of Science for Reviewer Recognition Service customers and journals/publishers to:

  • Access & manage journal-level peer review recognition settings
  • Gain Insights & Analytics on the Reviewer Recognition Service

Any journal/publisher can have access to their dashboard and

  • Access basic settings to update review recognition privacy policies
  • See top-level stats indicating review usage & demand for recognition on Web of Science

Partnered journals (those using our Reviewer Recognition Service) can also

  • Access all info & analytics pages for detailed insights on their journals & reviewers

If you don't see the "Partner Dashboard" option on your menu, you can request access dashboard access by contacting us at reviewservices@clarivate.com