Web of Science Researcher Profiles are the next stage in the evolution of Clarivate’s researcher profile offering after replacing Publons. This migration of Publons profiles into the Web of Science occurred to combine Clarivate’s two researcher representations (profiles and Web of Science author records) into Clarivate’s pre-eminent researcher-facing platform and simplify the experience of those researchers and administrators tracking their research outputs. 

If you had a Publons profile, you'll find it in Web of Science. Log in here to see your new profile. 

Due to the sheer size of the migration from Publons to Web of Science not all features could be completed in time for launch. In addition, some Publons features were intentionally not migrated due to lack of use. 

Features which are coming soon to Web of Science Researcher Profiles: 

  • Pending records: the list of receipts you’ve sent to reviews@webofscience.com or edits@webofscience.com which are still being processed. 
  • Editorial board membership management. 
  • The ability to indicate your interest in reviewing for a journal. 
  • ResearcherID badge. You won't be able to generate a new badge, but existing badges will continue to work. 
  • Publication sorting options on your profile. 

Features which have been discontinued in the migration: 

  • Journal and country browse tables
    • You can still evaluate journals which are indexed in the Web of Science using the Master Journal List. 
  • Researcher browse table. 
    • You can search for researcher profiles using the Researcher Search option in  the Web of Science. 
  • Publication browse table.  
    • If you have entitled access to Web of Science collections, you may search them using Document Search. 
  • Journal endorsements.  
    • You will be able to indicate your interest in reviewing for certain journals via your review settings when that feature is completed. 
  • Publication scores.  
    • These were used extensively by a very small group.  Your scores are still available, if you would like an export of them, please contact our customer support team. 
  • Research fields.  
    • These were primarily used to filter the researcher browse table which is now gone so they were not brought across.  
  • Altmetric scores
    • These are no longer available.