What is Review Feedback?

Once you have added a publisher-invited review to your profile you may request the handling editor of that manuscript provide you with feedback on it. 

Feedback gives you a great opportunity to improve your reviewing skills and lets you know what editors expect from you as a reviewer. 

If feedback is overwhelmingly positive you may even earn an excellent review! An excellent review will generate the “Excellent Reviewer” badge on your profile and is an indication that you have gone above and beyond in your work. 

How to Request Review Feedback

To invite an editor to provide you with feedback: 

  1. Head to your Review Records page.
  2. Click on the ‘edit’ button of the review in question.
  3. Now click on the Actions tab.
  4. If there’s already an editor associated with your review you can click “Invite” to request feedback.  Otherwise enter your editor’s name and email address and click ‘Invite’ to finish. 

We will then send an invitation to your editor requesting they provide you with feedback. 

Editors can give written notes and also rate the quality of your reviews on a four-point scale, across four dimensions: 

  • Clarity:  
    • The review was easily read and interpreted by the editor and authors.
  • Helpfulness: 
    • Comments were constructive, relevant, and realistic.
  • Thoroughness
    • The review gave adequate consideration to all aspects of the paper including methodology, figures, interpretation and presentation of results, ethics, relevance, etc. 

  • Timeliness:  
    • The review assignment was completed within the time limits established by the editor. 


You will not be able to see exact scores awarded to you by editors but you will be able to read their written notes.  If an editor scores your review highly it will be marked “Excellent” giving you a gold star on your profile and on the review if it’s publicly displayed.  

Scored reviews which do not meet the requirements for excellence will not be indicated on your profile or any other public part of the site.