Customizing your Profile with your Profile Settings

With the Edit Profile tab of your Profile Settings you are granted the ability to customize several aspects of your public representation on Web of Science Researcher Profile. You can upload a profile picture, select your profile display name, and enter your primary organization.  

If you are unsure of how to find these settings please view this help article: Accessing your Profile Settings

The Options

Profile Photo: Here you can add a photo to be shown on your profile and in various other places on the site. This photo will be used on your profile, in researcher search results and on your CV. Accepted file types are PNG, JPG and GIF. 

Display Name: You can change the full name shown on your profile. This name may include a first, middle and last name. We will use this name to match you to your publications in Web of Science if you have no matches via your email addresses. 

Published Names: Displayed here are the published names we have on record for you. They are the names as they appear in the metadata of your publications. If a name appears incorrectly, please contact the respective publisher to have this corrected. You may opt to display or hide these from your profile. 

Primary Organization: Here you may add your primary organization, which will then show at the top of your profile. Other institutions shown on your profile are those derived from publication metadata. These cannot be hidden or removed. If an institution is incorrectly listed, please contact the respective publisher. If your institution is not listed, please contact support with a request for it to be added.  

Note: Any changes you make on this page will not be reflected on your profile until you click the “Save Changes” button at the foot of the page.