The peer review types which can be added to your Web of Science researcher profile are: 

  • Publisher-invited reviews  
  • Community reviews  
  • Grant reviews  

Can I add reviews for rejected or unpublished manuscripts? 

Yes, you can. You get the same credit for your review, regardless of whether the manuscript is published or not.  

However, in order to maintain the author's privacy, we don't display any information about the manuscript until it is published. This means that your reviews of unpublished manuscripts will remain blind and the content cannot be displayed publicly.  

In many cases rejected manuscripts cascade to other journals and are eventually published. At that point we allow you to sign your reviews and make the review content publicly available.  

Please learn more about review privacy here.

Are reviews of revisions considered separate reviews? 

Each round of peer review of a single manuscript is considered separately. If you review a manuscript for a second or third time, we will assign you a separate review record for each.  

When multiple reviews of one manuscript have been performed by a single author we concatenate them on the detail page (if the paper and review are both published).    

To make sure you get separate review records for each round of review, be sure to forward each "Thank you for reviewing' email you receive to for each round of review performed. 

Can I add reviews of manuscripts on pre-print servers?

Yes.  Any manuscript you read on arXivbioRxiv, preprints, engrXiv, or any other pre-print server is ripe for reviewing on Web of Science researcher profile. 

To do this: 

Add your review through the review forms as a Community review.  Some pre-print servers mint DOIs for their publications, if not you can add the paper by its title and then contact us to link it to the correct paper.  


Which review types are currently not supported?

Unfortunately, we currently do not support reviews for books/book chapters (that are not part of a series/periodical), fellowship programs, and other types of reviews that do not count as one of the supported reviews above. 
We look forward to providing support for more review types in the future.