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Duplicate Profiles on Publons?

Dear Publons,

I think I have duplicate profiles on Publons - one with no reviews and one with a clear history of my reviews.

Can you please delete the profile which does not list any reviews?

Aisling Mulligan

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Hi Aisling, 

Andrew here from Publons, apologies for my extremely delayed response - we are not in the habit of maintaining these forums but will be monitoring them more closely from now on.

The easiest way to request the merge of duplicate profiles is to use the buttons at the bottom of your account settings.  I will send you an email to complete the process of merging your duplicate accounts.


Andrew Harrison

I have a similar problem as Aisling Mulligan above. Please kindly send me an email to complete the process.

Hi Essien, I've messaged you about this now.


Andrew Harrison

 I have received the mail on the above subject. Thanks for your cooperation in this regard.

Dr. Essien Archibong Okon

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