The Partner Dashboard is the destination for journals and publishers to gain insights and analytics on their Reviewer Recognition Service and update admin settings.



How does the partner dashboard work & who is it for?

The partner dashboard is a private area on Web of Science for Reviewer Recognition Service customers and journals/publishers to:

  • Access & manage journal-level peer review recognition settings
  • Gain Insights & Analytics on the Reviewer Recognition Service

Any journal/publisher can have access to their dashboard and

  • Access basic settings to update review recognition privacy policies
  • See top-level stats indicating review usage & demand for recognition on Web of Science

Partnered journals (those using our Reviewer Recognition Service) can also

  • Access all info & analytics pages for detailed insights on their journals & reviewers

Getting started...

On the Dashboard it's important to note a few basics before we get started:

  • There's a left-hand navigation menu connecting you to all available pages
    • N.B. Pages in black are the ones you can access. Greyed out pages are ones which require formal partnership with Reviewer Recognition Service to access
  • There is a reporting period function on most pages allowing you to pull data on a time period of your choosing
  • For tables of results/data on the dashboard if you roll your cursor over the column headers yo will see a pop up explaining in more detail what data is displayed

Don't have access to your dashboard? Email us at to request access

Not sure how to access your dashboard?

How do I use & update the basic settings?

In the screenshot below you can see the dashboard pages which all journals/publishers can have access to. Highlighted are the pages covering basic management settings:

You can see links below on instructions as to what each of these pages do & how to use them



For some information on the added-value Dashboard pages for partners, see here