If you have access to your Publisher/Journal's partner dashboard on Publons (see FAQ here) - you'll see the following Verification section:

Researchers can use their Publons profiles to keep a verified track record of all their research outputs like peer reviews,  publications and editorial work. 

Researchers can indicate memberships to Editorial Boards on their Publons profile (see info on how they do so here). 

When a researcher does this we display an unverified indication of this on their Publons profile. At the same time we also surface them as an "unverified" Editorial Board member on the relevant journal/publisher dashboard. 

As a journal/publisher with access to your dashboard - you can view how many such requests we've had for your journal(s) that remain unverified and can manually check these against your records and verify/disavow the records manually if you wish to do so. 

Let's look at an example:

When you navigate to your Editorial board Verification page on your dashboard, you will see a list of your journals on Publons. Click on one of the journals and you will see a page listing all unverified editorial board memberships we have for that journal. 

They will be displayed in a table like the below:

^ You can see in this example there are 3 unverified editorial board memberships waiting for this journal.

Let's say you check your records (i.e. wherever you keep track of who is an Ed Board member for your journal) for this journal and can verify the top record, you can verify the record as follows:

Select "Verified" from the drop down -> this will the update the status and you'll see a pop-up confirming the record has been verified. 

What to do if you can't verify an editorial board membership?


If you can't see one of these editorial board memberships in your records, or the editor has not provided enough information you can "Disavow" the record - this will send the editor a notification that their record was not able to be verified.