The Web of Science Academy offers courses aimed at early career researchers that have already started publishing their research, such as PhD students and postdocs.  


I can see Web of Science Academy graduates on my dashboard, what are these?

These are early career researchers who have completed the Web of Science Academy online practical course on peer review and been endorsed by their mentor. 

This involves completing course modules and writing peer reviews on published papers or preprints in the field of the researcher. You can see on their profile what their research fields are, current affiliation, if they have reviewed previously and for which journals, the content of any open reviews, and any publications they may have to help you determine if you would like to invite them to review a manuscript for your journal. 

A Publons Academy graduate performed a great review for me. How can I recognise their outstanding effort?

It is just as important to acknowledge good reviews as it is to provide feedback on reviews which could be improved. On Publons we have a way to score reviews and reward excellent reviews with a gold star on a reviewer’s profile. For more information on rating reviews see: How do I rate the quality of reviews?  

How can I invite a Web of Science Academy graduate to review a paper for my journal?

Graduates appear under the "Web of Science Academy" link on your Partner Dashboard. Navigate to your partner dashboard (see here), go to the "Web of Science Academy" page and start browsing graduates relevant to your journals. 

Alternatively you can search for relevant reviewers, including graduates, using the reviewer search tool 'Web of Science Reviewer Locator' on your Partner Dashboard. Once you have located the researcher you want to invite, you can get in touch with them by using the ‘contact’ option next to their name.