Author Records are algorithmically generated which may result in your having multiple records or a record containing publications which are not yours.  You may claim your author record via Publons to ensure that your record is accurate.  This enables you to better showcase your work and ensure accurate evaluation. 

You can control the contents of your own Web of Science Author Record by building your Publons profile.  When you add Web of Science Core Collection indexed publications via any method (see available import methods here), Publons will send that information to Web of Science and use it to update your Web of Science Author Record. 

When claiming publications using the Web of Science import method, not only the publications you claim but those you do not claim will inform your Web of Science Author Record.  Any publications you see in this view have been algorithmically clustered together and are associated with your email addresses or names as on Publons.  If you do not select any of them we will send that information to Web of Science to tell them that you are not an author of those papers and they should not be included in your Web of Science Author Record. 

Deleting publications from your publication history will also send “rejection” feedback to Web of Science. 

Any changes you make to your Publons account may take up to a week to be reflected on your Web of Science Author Record. 

Once you have claimed your Author Record by one of the methods described above, it will no longer be algorithmically augmented.  That means that only you will be able to add or remove publications from it.