Publons offers you the option to display your Editorial Board Memberships on your profile. Editorial Board Memberships will include Advisory Board Memberships. These can be added via your affiliations settings

Those contributions which you mark as current will be displayed on your profile. You're free to add past affiliations as well, simply don't mark them as current. 

If your Editorial Board Membership is incorrectly set as past, you can edit this to present. Click on the tick under the "current" column next to the relevant journal and then save changes. 

If you would like to add your Editorial Board Membership to your profile and the journal is not listed then please create a support ticket providing us with the journal title, URL, publisher, and ISSN here.

Editorial board memberships for non-Publons partners are not verified on Publons, but partner journals can verify your board membership and also reserve the right to remove editorial contributions they believe to be incorrect.