The Publons Academy was a peer review course within the Publons platform that facilitated co-review with a mentor. In order to provide a better user experience and add new content more easily we have moved the content onto a different platform and renamed it the Web of Science Academy to better represent the expanded course offerings covering research integrity in general, and not just peer review. 

When did this happen and what did it mean for learners and mentors?

On May 3rd 2021 we informed all Publons Academy learners and mentors about the upcoming changes and that they had until May 31st to get at least one Academy review approved (usually two is required) in order to complete the course and receive their certificate. 

On June 1st all those that qualified for graduation were sent emails with their certificate, and all mentors that approved at least one review received an email with their mentor certificate also. Academy graduate and mentor badges were added to Publons profiles as usual. 

All approved Academy reviews were added to Publons as open post-publication reviews as usual, and all incomplete and un-approved Academy reviews were added as hidden post-publication reviews accessible from learners' private dashboard.