**This change only affects the Publons Academy peer review training course, Publons profiles are unaffected**

On May 3rd we informed all current learners and mentors on the Publons Academy that they have until May 31st to provide feedback approve at least 1 review in order for their mentee to graduate on the 31st of May. After May 31st the peer review training content can only be accessed on the Web of Science Academy.

On ~June 1st we will graduate everyone with at least 1 approved review and email certificates to graduates. All new mentors will get their certificate by email as usual, and both graduate and mentor badges will appear on Publons profiles also as per usual.

From May 3rd all new enrolments and is on the Web of Science Academy platform only, but new mentorships of those that enrolled before May 3rd can still happen. 

What does this mean for mentors?

  • I have completed all my active mentorships - then you do not have to do anything
  • I still have active/uncompleted mentorships - please try and provide feedback and approve at least 1 review per mentee before May 31st
  • I do not have time to complete my mentorships before the deadline - we will help in any way we can to approve mentee reviews before May 31st
  • I have newly received a mentor invites - you should only accept if you can help them graudate by May 31st

What does this mean for learners?

  • I've already graduated - you can download your certificate from the Publons Academy platform until May 31st, but we will also email all graduates on ~June 1st with their certificates as after that date you can no longer access Publons Academy and download your certificates from there
  • I have 2 approved reviews - if you have not submitted module 10 by May 31st we will do that for you so you can graduate, and you will get sent your certificate by email
  • I have 1 approved review - you will qualify for graduation on May 31st and get sent your certificate, but if you want to, you can get your 2nd review approved before May 31st and graduate then
  • I do not have any approved reviews - you have until May 31st to get at least 1 review approved so you can graduate from the course with your certificate on May 31st, if they are not approved in time your Academy reviews will be added as hidden post-publication reviews on your Publons dashboard
  • I do not have an email associated with my Publons account - if you have graduated, then you have until May 31st to download your certificate from Publons
  • I have not started writing a review yet - you have until May 31st to get a mentor to approve at least one of your reviews if you want to graduate from the Publons Academy
  • I have just started the course - we recommend that you go to the Web of Science Academy and start the course from there instead