The Partner Dashboard is the destination for journals/publishers to gain insights and analytics on their Reviewer Recognition Service subscription, as well as action admin tasks such as setting their review privacy policy. 

How to access your dashboard?

  • Log in to your Web of Science researcher profile (you can do so here)
  • When logged in you will be taken to your private profile dashboard
  • Click the "Menu" option in the top left-hand corner:
  • Then click on "profile":
  • If you have partner dashboard access you will then see "Partner Dashboard" appear in the links on the left hand navigation menu:

  • To navigate to journal/publisher-level dashboards click "Partner Dashboard" in the left-hand navigation bar (see red arrow above)
  • You can learn more about the Partner Dashboard here

Don't have dashboard access yet? 

If you don't see the "Partner Dashboard" option on your menu, you can request access dashboard access by contacting us at