Adding your affiliation to your Publons profile is a great way to share your background with experts on Publons, as well as editors looking for reviewers. 

Your affiliations include your place of employment or study, your profile pages on social networks, and any blogs or websites that you are connected with, for example.

Because universities and other institutions are such common affiliations for reviewers on Publons, for convenience we provide a separate set of boxes for these affiliations. You can find these on the Affiliation Settings page on your dashboard.

The fields should be self-explanatory, here's an example:

If you are currently a Research Associate at the Faculty of Science at Victoria University of Wellington: 

  • start typing 'Victoria University of Wellington' in the Institution field, and select it from the list that appears.  
  • Then enter 'Faculty of Science' in the 'Department' box, 
  • Enter 'Research Associate' in the 'Role' box.  
  • If you have an institutional homepage, copy the URL of your homepage into the 'URL' box. 
  • Enter the date you started at the Victoria University of Wellington in the 'Start' box and in the 'End' box select "Present"
  • Then click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.
  • If you have more affiliations to add, click "Add Another" and repeat this process.

Date ranges allow you to specify your affiliations more accurately. This way you can show which institutions you are currently affiliated with as well as your prior history. For current affiliations select "Present" for the End date. You will appear in searches for any institution with an end date of "Present".

Your affiliations will be displayed with their corresponding dates on your profile in reverse chronological order and if your institution does not appear in the autocomplete list please go ahead and enter it anyway; when you hit 'Save Profile', your institution will be added to our database.  (Please check the spelling before doing this!) 

Other affiliations include quite a wide range of things, so there are only two fields: a box to provide a description and a box for a URL  For example, if you have a LinkedIn profile, put 'LinkedIn' in the first box, and paste the URL to your LinkedIn profile page in the URL box.