Verified email addresses are a crucial element of your Publons account.

Reviews cannot be added to your profile via without a verified email address. Email addresses need to be verified to ensure that we safely assign your review to the correct profile.

You may have multiple verified email addresses. Here's how you can set them up and get them verified: 

  1. Add an email address in your Email Settings.
  2. Save your Email Settings, your new email address has now been sent a verification code.
  3. Open the inbox for that address and follow the link in the verification email we've sent you.
  4. Get started forwarding your review receipts to

Please note, some institutional mail servers employ greylisting which leads to longer delivery times on our emails. If you are not seeing the verification emails arrive in your inbox or spam folder, please be patient or talk to your institution’s IT department.

For more information about forwarding review receipts, see the FAQ here or watch the video below to learn exactly how to add reviews through