By default, the only review information displayed on a researcher's Publons profile is the name of the journal reviewed for and year the review was performed. This is to ensure we protect reviewer anonymity and comply with journal review policies.

A reviewer can edit the review display policy for his/her reviews to deviate from this default policy e.g. to publish the title of the article they reviewed or publish the content of the review (after the manuscript is published).

Journals can set permissions to specify exactly what information reviewers can publicly display about a review. A review display policy set at the journal level overrides any user review display policy settings.

No matter what privacy settings are in place, we never display information about the manuscript until the manuscript has been published.

Authors of a reviewed publication can decide whether or not reviewers can publish the content of their reviews on Publons. This will only affect reviews where both the reviewer has elected to publish the review's content and the journal's policy allows it.

Authors only have control over whether a reviewer can publish review content. Whether or not a reviewer signs a review (i.e. has their name published as a reviewer of the manuscript) is decided by the reviewer and journal's policy.