What is the “coming soon” editorial board membership feature on Web of Science researcher profile?

Adding your editorial board memberships to your Web of Science researcher profile is a feature that will be fully implemented soon. Editorial board membership is understood and managed differently between journals and may extend from those who review often for a journal up to the Editor in Chief. They are generally publicly recognized on a journal's website. 

If you had editorial board memberships on Publons these have been carried across to your Web of Science researcher profile and can be viewed on the peer review tab of your profile. but, at this stage editorial board memberships cannot yet be added, deleted, or changed on your Web of Science researcher profile. Please bear with us as we complete this functionality.  

While this feature is incomplete at this stage, administrators from partnered journals are still able to verify or disavow your claim to editorial board membership from their partner dashboard. 

If you have handled the peer review process as an editor for a journal you may add your editor records to your profile. Handling editor work includes finding and managing reviewers and contributing to the journal's decision regarding publication of the manuscript. Please learn more about this here.