A valid editor receipt should include the name of the journal/conference and the full title of the manuscript you handled the role of an editor for. It should also demonstrate you have handled the role of an editor.
Receipts that do not suffice as valid editor receipts include the following: 

  • Editor receipts without the name of the journal/conference. 
  • Invitations to edit. 
  • Acceptance of invitations to edit. 
  • a word/excel document containing copy and pasted text from the editorial management system (please provide a screenshot of the editorial management system instead). 
  • a screenshot of the editorial management system where the it is unclear you have handled the role of the editor, or the manuscript is just assigned to you. 
  • emails where it is not clear you are addressed as the editor. i.e, the email is addressed to the 'Editor' and has more than one recipient. 
  • the addressed editor name does not match your profile name. 
  • general confirmation that you are an editorial board member of the journal/conference. 


Please note that Publons adds editorial records on a per manuscript basis. This means that we do not add separate editor records for every round of revision for the same manuscript. 

If you are still unsure why your editor receipt was rejected, you can get in touch with our Support team by submitting your query here: https://publons.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new