To verify your editor record, please send an editor receipt or a screenshot of the editorial management system (where your editor records are displayed) to Please ensure your editor receipt includes:

  • The name of the journal or conference you handled the role of an editor for, and 
  • The full title of the manuscript you handled the role of an editor for

Your editor receipt should demonstrate you have handled the editorial role. Editor receipts or screenshots of the editorial management should be taken during, or after the editorial process (e.g., decision letters, an email you sent out to a reviewer during the editorial process etc.) Therefore, the following types of emails do not count as valid editor receipts: 

  • Invitations to edit 
  • Acceptance of invitations to edit 
  • Assignments of manuscripts to edit (or a manuscript assigned to you in the editorial management system)

You can find more information on types of emails and screenshots that do not count as valid editor receipts here.