Editor records on Publons are a record of manuscripts that you have handled the peer review process for.  

This work includes finding and managing reviewers and contributing to the journal's decision regarding publication of the manuscript. 


Who can add Handling Editor Records? 

The editorial recognition feature is intended for editors that manage the editorial and peer review process for any given manuscript. Only people recognised by the journal as responsible for managing the editorial and peer review processes for manuscripts should add editor records to Publons. This means you are likely to be listed on the journal's website as a contributing editor. 

If you are unsure if you are a contributing editor for a paper, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Did I manage the peer review process, including recruiting reviewers and managing their review comments for the paper?  
  • Was I involved in decisions in whether or not to accept the paper for publication?

If you answer 'no' to either of these questions, you will not be eligible to add an editor record for the paper in question. If you are still unsure, or would like to be considered for an editorial position, we recommend contacting the journal.


Journal administrators can see when you add that you have handled a manuscript as editor and can disavow this if false. 

Please note: administrators of partnered journals can see the editor records you add for their journal and can disavow them if they feel they are fraudulent.