Once you have added some peer reviews to your Publons profile a Metrics tab will be accessible on your profile.  

Your “Review metrics” shows a variety of metrics related to your peer review activity.  All of these can be compared to any research field in our database by entering it in the field available. 

  • “Verified reviews” is repeated from your profile card 
  • “Verified reviews (last 12 months)” is the number of your verified reviews which were performed in the last 12 months. 
  • “Review to publication ratio” is calculated using the total number of peer reviews and publications you have added to your profile. 
  • "Reviews per month" is a graph showing the number of verified reviews you have completed either per-month or cumulatively on a month-by month basis. 
  • “Average word count” is a graph showing the average word count among reviews for which you have added the review content.  You can add review content on each review’s edit page.