Publication Peer Review 

We're serious about respecting and maintaining your privacy.  When you sign up to Publons, your default review preference settings are configured as: 
  • Privacy: Show journal 
  • Content: Hide review content

You can change these default settings from the Permissions Settings page in your private dashboard.

No matter what privacy settings are in place, we never display information about the manuscript until the manuscript has been published. Typically, this means we require a DOI or a URL for the manuscript before a review can be signed or the review content can be made public.

Here are some additional examples of how your data is kept secure on Publons: 

  • Publons is served exclusively over HTTPS. 
  • Our database is stored on Amazon Web Services which grants us their security standards. 
  • We only add reviews from the email addresses that you've verified. 
  • We use two-factor authentication for all Publons staff. 


We also do not use any of your private information included in forwarded email receipts through other than for adding reviews.   

You can see our terms of service for the legal details of how we respect and maintain your privacy. 

Grant Peer Review 

We're serious about respecting and maintaining your privacy. Default settings for grant peer review are to only show the funder name on your public profile.

Where the funder allows, you may also be able to surface further information on your grant peer review, such as the funding program you reviewed for. This is only possible where both you and the funder have given permission to do so. If the funder has granted their permission, you will be able to do so in the Permissions settings page in your private dashboard.