What is Grant Review Recognition?


Every year, governments and organizations spend billions of dollars funding research. Researchers and subject matter experts play a critical role in helping these organizations decide which research they should fund by reviewing research grant applications. Reviewing research grant applications is both an indicator of one’s expertise and standing in their field, and an important contribution to the wider research community that deserves recognition. 

How does Publons support Grant Review Recognition? 

If you have reviewed grant applications for a funding organization partnered with Publons, you can add a verified record of this work to your Publons profile as evidence of your expert contributions helping funders determine which research they should fund. 


1. Add reviews performed for partnered research funding organizations 


Reviews performed for partnered funders can be added to your profile. Shortly after the funding round which you reviewed for, you will be contacted by Publons on behalf of the funder via email.  


If you would like to have your review added to your profile, simply follow the link in the confirmation email we send you.  If you are not yet a Publons user, you will be asked to register and the review record will be added to your profile subject to the funder's privacy policy. 


2. Adding reviews performed for non-partnered funders 


You can use the Request Recognition from a Funderbutton on your Private Dashboard. We will ask you for information on your previous grant peer review contributions, and then contact funders on your behalf to request that they add these reviews to your profile when an integration is available with these funders.