Writing post-publication reviews is a good way to demonstrate your expertise and writing them on Publons is a great way to bring this expertise to the attention of the authors, other reviewers, and editors. 

Here's how you can write them on Publons: 

  1. Select 'Add a reviewfrom the review history page of your dashboard. 
  2. Ensure "Post-publication review" is selected at the top of the page 
  3. Enter the article title or DOI into the text fields provided 
  4. Select if you want to sign your name to the review. This determines whether anyone can associate you with the review you write
  5. Enter the content of your post-publication review into the final text box provided
  6. Check to see your review complies with our guidelines. 
  7. Hit the 'Create review' button to publish your review. 

You can also use your Publons profile to cross-post post-publication reviews you've written elsewhere. Simply add them through the forms on the site and link to their original place of publication within the review's content.