On Publons you can add your reviews which are performed for journals, conferences or book series to your public profile (with the privacy settings you choose). We can then verify your reviews, which can be used in promotion and funding applications. 

There are four simple ways to populate your review record on Publons, most of which rely on you adding and verifying any email addresses you use to submit reviews to journals.


Add reviews performed for partnered journals 


Reviews performed for partnered journals can be instantly added to your profile as you do them. Simply follow these steps: 

  1. Check the box on the review submission form asking if you want to add a record of the review to Publons* 
  2. Follow the link in the confirmation email we send you 
  3. Done - the review record will be added to your profile subject to the journal's privacy policy. 

We send you a confirmation email on purpose to make sure we never collect review records from people who accidentally checked the box in the review submission form. 

* This option appears in the peer-review submission system the journal uses, such as ScholarOne or Editorial Manager. 

We make this process even easier. Simply turn on the 'Automatically add reviews from partnered journals" setting in your permissions. With this setting enabled, you just need to check the box in the review submission form and you're done! Now all reviews you do for partnered journals moving forward will be automatically added to your profile. 

With participating journals and publishers we also periodically (and securely) check for past (historic) review records.  When we can match an unclaimed review with an expert on Publons, we can automatically add that review to their profile. 

Note that we can only match you to reviews submitted with emails that are verified against your Publons account. 


Send review receipts to reviews@publons.com 


If you've reviewed for journals that are not yet partnered with Publons, you can still add verified records of those reviews to your profile.  

Follow our step-by-step guide: 

  1. Go to your inbox and try one of these common search terms: 
    • “Thank you for reviewing (journal name)” 
    • “Your review for (journal name)” 
    • “Review received (journal name)” 
  2. Once you’ve found one ‘review receipt’, open the email and see if there’s any text that’s likely to be used in all emails from that journal. For example “Thank you for preparing a review report for…” 
  3. Copy and paste the text into your search box to look for more review receipts.  
  4. Forward each message you find to reviews@publons.com and you’re done! We’ll verify your reviews with the journal and add them to your profile.  


What counts as a valid review receipt? 

A review receipt is some sort of confirmation from a journal that you have completed a review. It can be one of the following: 

  • email you get from a journal after completing your peer review, either thanking you for your review or notifying you of the editor's decision. Email receipts must contain the email headers with the date it was sent to the reviewer. Unfortunately, an invitation to review or acceptance of a review assignment does not always lead to reviews being performed, thus we cannot accept these as review receipts. 
  • screenshot(s) (preferably PDF) of the reviews in your journal’s peer-review submission system. Please ensure journal name, dates of reviews and your name or login are present in the screenshot. 

Each review receipt must contain: 

  • The name of the journal you reviewed for. 
  • The date you completed the review (at least the month and year of review completion, if not the full date). 

Please note:  

  1. Non-English review receipts are accepted. 
  2. Each review receipt must contain the journal name and the date of the review. 
  3. A reviewer certificate, acknowledging a reviewer for their overall contribution to the journal does not show which reviews have been performed or on which dates they were completed, thus we cannot process a review certificate as a review receipt to verify and add an individual review. 
  4. You can send us more than one review receipt in the email (bulk uploads will take longer to process than individual receipts) 
  5. You can speed things up by adding the review using the form on your Private Dashboard first, and including the URL of the review in your email to reviews@publons.com 
  6. We process the majority of review receipts within 72 hours, but sometimes this can take longer. 


Add reviews manually through the forms on the site. 


You’ll find the pre-publication review forms here. You can use these forms to add unverified pre-publication reviews which will appear on your profile with the privacy settings you specify. 

To add a review through the forms you need to first specify whether the review is a pre-publication review or a post-publication review. 

If adding a pre-publication review you will need to add the journal* or conference which the review was performed for as well as the date the review was submitted. 

Once that’s done you can add publication details in the “Article” section of the page.  Enter either a title or an identifier (DOI, Pubmed ID, or arXiv) and we’ll retrieve any further details we can and give you a chance to update them to your satisfaction. 

Note that you are unable to create journal entries on Publons. If you would like to add a review for a journal not in our database through the forms on the site, please contact us with the journal title, URL and ISSN and any other relevant information and we'll add it for you. 


How to add review from an interactive review process? (e.g. Frontiers)  


Some journals use an interactive review process that consist of three main steps: 

  1. Independent review 
    1. At the start of the process all reviewers submit independent review reports. This is the classic peer review. 
  2. Interactive review 
    1. Editors then activate interactive review mode where editors and authors communicate with each other. 
  3. Final report 
    1. Once the interactive review is finalised, it forms a “final report”. 

A receipt from the interactive step of the interactive process will be unable to be processed through reviews@publons as the interactive section of the review can last over a period of time and it is difficult to ascertain the date the original review was completed, or the final review was submitted.  

But don't worry, you can still add and verify your review through reviews@publons.com by forwarding us one of the following: 

  1. The receipt from the independent review step. 
  2. The receipt from the final reports step. 
  3. A screenshot of the peer-review submission system containing your review. 

Please ensure the emails include the date(s) of the independent review or final report, the journal title and someway to identify you as the reviewer.  

If you do not have any of these emails you are still able to add the review manually through the review form on your dashboard.