Pre-publication Reviews 

Pre-publication reviews are those commissioned by a journal or conference during a manuscripts path to publication (or not).  

Currently, Publons can only process full-length manuscripts for submitted to: 

  • Journals 
  • Conferences 

Please note that Publons currently only verifies pre-publication reviews through 

Post Publication Reviews 

Post-publication reviews are those written about articles you have read and wish to share your thoughts on.  These are not considered for a journal.  

Post-publication reviews are not verified through This is because post publication reviews are performed on published papers that are publicly available for any researcher to review, thus post publications reviews do not require third party verification. 

Grant Reviews 

If you have reviewed grant applications for a funding organization partnered with Publons, you can add a verified record of this work to your Publons profile as evidence of your expert contributions helping funders determine which research they should fund. 

Review types currently not supported

Unfortunately, we currently do not support reviews for books, book chapters, fellowship programs, and other types of reviews that do not count as one of the supported reviews above. 
We look forward to providing support for more review types in the future.