To export your publications to ORCID please follow these steps:  

1. On the ‘Permissions Settings’ page, click "Link your ORCID" and follow the steps to link your ORCID account to Publons.  

2. Once ORCID profile is linked, navigate back to permissions settings page and select ‘Grant Publons permission to update your ORCID works’ and confirm authorization request.  

3. Click on "Export Publications to ORCID now"  


Only publications meeting the following criteria can be exported from Publons to ORCiD:  

  • Was not originally imported from ORCiD  
  • Has a publication detail page on Publons.  You can check this by testing whether a publication's title is a clickable link from your private dashboard publication history table.  
  • Has a DOI or a Web of Science accession number associated.  The former can be ascertained from the publication's detail page on Publons, the latter can be determined by testing whether the publication has a citation count associated (including zero).