Publons' file upload feature allows the upload of three different file types: 

Each of those file types has its own requirements for upload which you'll find below.

Please note that date fields must be delimited with hyphens or forward slashes and of the form YYYY[-MM[-DD]]. 2008/11, 2008-11-1, and 2008 are all valid dates.

If you have a file which you believe meets these criteria but will not import please create a support ticket for assistance here:


CSV headers are case sensitive and their values are indicated in the brackets below.

 CSVs of your publications must contain the minimum of:

  • Title ('title')
  • At least one of: 
    • DOI ('doi')
    • Web of Science accession number ('ut')
    • Pubmed ID ('pmid')
    • arXiv ('arxiv')
    • URL ('url')

Additionally the following fields are accepted and will be imported:

  • Abstract ('abstract')
  • Journal ('journal' or 'journal_name')
  • Publication date ('publication_date', 'publication_year', or 'year')


Every entry in a RIS file must start with a type (TY) tag.  Publons accepts two types of RIS entries: JOUR (journal article) and CPAPER (conference proceedings paper).  A RIS file may contain a mixture of different types but only those two types will be added to Publons during processing.

The required fields for both JOUR and CPAPER entries are:

  • Author (AU, A1, A2, A3, A4)
  • Title (TI, T1, BT, CT, T3, TT, ST)
  • Journal (T2, J1, J2, JF, JO)
  • Year (DA, Y1, Y2, PY)

Note that each entry in a RIS file must finish with the following line including the trailing whitespace: "ER  - ". There should also not be any additional empty lines between entries.

EndNote online exports RIS formatted files with a .txt extension.  You will have to rename these to have a .ris extension before you are able to import them to Publons.

You can read more about the RIS file type here:


Three types of BibTeX entries can be accepted and processed by Publons' file import system: @article (journal article) and @inproceedings/@conference (conference proceedings paper).

An @article source has the following required fields:

  • Author ('author')
  • Title ('title')
  • Journal ('journal')
  • Year ('year')
  • Volume ('volume') 

An @inproceedings or @conference source has these required fields:

  • Author ('author')
  • Title ('title')
  • Conference name ('booktitle')
  • Year ('year')

You can read more about the BibTex file type here: